Karnataka’s Minority Affairs Minister, Zameer Ahmed, backs Shariah Courts in every district

Karnataka’s Minority Affairs Minister, Zameer Ahmed, who belongs to the the Congress party had came out in support of the Shariah Courts, as it would “help in resolving” minor family disputes.

While speaking to Republic TV, the Congress Minister from Karnataka said, “It will be a good step if the Shariat courts are set up. The law of the land will remain the same. We have only one Constitution but these Shariyat courts will help in resolving minor family disputes. We have Shariat law in Bangalore also. If this law will come into implementation it will help build unity and spread awareness among Muslims.”

Earlier the All India Muslim Personal Law Board, the biggest Muslim association in the nation, had intended to open a Darul-kaja or Shariat court in every one of the regions of the nation to determine issues as indicated by Islamic laws.

Jafriyab Jilani, senior authority of the board said that there are 40 such courts in Uttar Pradesh as of now running. We are intending to open no less than one such court in every one of the locale of the nation. He said that the goal of Darul-Qaza is to solve cases as per Sharia laws instead of different courts.

BJP MP Meenakshi Lekhi said that there is no place for such court in India, as it is not an ‘Islamic Republic of India.’

Earlier Congress leader Rajeev Shukla had suggested that the special provision of a particular religion is always taken care by the Supreme Court and High Court and hence any other court is not needed.

“I do not subscribe to the idea. It is completely against the India Constitution. We have a well-established constitution, whenever there is a specific provision of a particular religion that is also being taken care by the Supreme Court and the High Court. I do not think there is a need to establish a Shariat court in all the districts,” Rajeev Shukla said.