Karti Chidambaram once hounded this man for making tweets about his corruptions

On Wednesday Karti Chidambaram, son of former Finance and Home Minister P Chidambaram, was arrested over serious allegations of corruption and money laundering. However some five years ago a person had to endure a lot just for making some tweets about Karti’s corruptions. The person is a law abiding citizen of country named Ramesh Sethuraman.

We here at Satyavijayi spoke exclusively to Ramesh Sethuraman after Karti Chidambaram’s arrest and listened to the story of what happened with him. He made several ground breaking allegations against the Chidambarams and described the incidents that happened with him some five years ago as a “witch-hunt.”

It all started when Mr Sethuraman made a few tweets about Karti Chidambaram’s alleged corruption deals and later received a legal notice for that. At the very beginning of the legal notice, Karti’s lawyer tried to make Sethuraman aware about the position of his client by mentioning that he is son of the Home Minister, an established businessman and heads several sports bodies in the country. However according to Mr Sethuraman, Karti Chidambaram had responded to his tweets and even had indulged in an argument with him on Twitter but later deleted his own tweets conveniently before sending the notice.

“He didn’t go to court and I didn’t even respond to notice, I simply put it in dustbin. It became a huge prestige issue for him so he followed with lot of illegal methods. First and foremost thing is, he didn’t acquire my address details in any legal way, he used his father’s office (home ministry) to track me,” alleged Mr Sethuraman while speaking to Satyavijayi.

Ramesh Sethuraman said that very interestingly, P Chidambaram read out his son’s letter in the parliament claiming that his son is a private citizen of the country, when at the top of the notice it was highlighted that Karti Chidambaram is the son of the Home Minister.

“After this he sent a letter to my employer saying that I used some of my employer’s property, which were proven to be completely false,” Ramesh Sethuraman said. “He wanted me to be thrown out of my job,” he added.

Mr Sethuraman alleged that after failing in previous attempts, a person from Tamil Nadu Congress had filed a complaint against him saying that he insulted a specific community by misrepresenting one of his writings. Mr Sethuraman further said that the case was directed to a police station which was far away from his home, but being a law abiding citizen he co-operated with the police, who later found him to be genuine and dropped the case.

“And in between the goons whom he (Karti Chidambaram) had employed in the name of a Dalit political party, pasted posters outside my office saying that I should be arrested and this was addressed to the Commissioner. The then Commissioner of police Mr Tripathi knowing complete background of my family after a thorough investigation said that we will not touch this guy,” he told Satyavijayi.

“And in-fact the police came to my house to enquire, I was told and I’m not saying that I know this a hundred percent, but I was told that IB was investigating me. I’m not a person involved in any kind of illegal activity, I’m not a terrorist, I’m not a national threat, I’m not social threat but IB was investigating me. And because of this investigation a red flag was raised among the local police who also started investigating me,” Ramesh Sethuraman further alleged.

After coming to know about Sethuraman and his family background the police provided suo moto security and posted a huge force of officers outside his house. When the goons of the so-called Dalit party arrived to protest outside his house and found police protecting him, they absconded. Ramesh Sethuraman alleged that some people were even spying on him for a fairly long period.

When we asked him about how he feels now that Karti Chidambaram has been arrested over corruption charges he said, “See this is what Karma is, at end of the day the truth has to see daylight, they may have the power but can’t keep on suppressing me. I strongly believe that this instills confidence in system and more importantly my trust with the leadership of Narendra Modi ji.”

“I’m very happy that he is paying for the witch-hunt that he has done, many people came back and complained to me that he was giving threats directly via Twitter. For one person he had said that ‘ I’m a high network man worth 6 Lakh crore across the world, I can walk into any country and get citizenship,’. Karti should not be let out, he should be grilled very thoroughly and all these details must come out,” he went on to say.

Ramesh Sethuraman alleged that Karti Chidambaram used to witch-hunt against anyone who dared to raise voice against his corruptions and he was the first one to be targeted by him. He told us about a person named Ravi, whom Karti Chidambaram had got arrested only to show-off his power.

When we asked him that even after all these incidents, some people say that the current day Government is intolerant, but he responded saying that previous government was intolerant against those who raised voice but the Modi Government is intolerant against corruption.