Kashmiri separatist Asiya Andrabi celebrates Pakistan Day in Srinagar

Pakistan observes National Day every year on March 23. Separatist outfit Dukhtaran-e- Millat chief Asiya Andrabi celebrated Pakistan National Day in Srinagar today by singing the country’s anthem and hoisting its flag.

She then said that all Muslims on the subcontinent are Pakistani, reported ANI.

“Pakistan was not formed on basis of a nationality (like India), Islam is the basis of its foundation…Every Muslim is a Pakistani on the basis of Islam, Iman (faith), Quran and love for Prophet Muhammad,” she said.

“For us, people are either Muslims or ‘kaafirs’ (infidels) and if they are Muslims, then their country is Pakistan,” the pro-Pakistan separatist said.

Last year in 2017 as well such event was organised. Dukhtran-e-Millat organized a ceremony in which the day was celebrated. Attendees had raised slogans and also waved the Pakistani flag.

The Pakistan day celebrates the adoption of the Pakistan resolution by the Muslim League at the Minar-e-Pakistan (lit. Pakistan Tower) that called for establishing an independent federation comprising provinces with Muslim majority located in north-western and north-eastern region of British controlled territories in India (excluding autonomous princely States) on 23 March 1940.

Source: Wikipedia, ANI