Kashmiris don’t believe in the idea of India: Former IAS officer, Shah Faesal

Top IAS officer Shah Faesal, who recently quit is job over “unabated killings in Kashmir and absence of credible political initiative from the Centre”, has claimed that “Kashmiris don’t believe in the idea of India,” during an interview with the Hindustan Times.

Speaking on his decision to quit the services and prospects of joining politics, he said that he has been preparing about this this from past several years but was just waiting for the right opportunity. He also made it clear that he has all the intentions of joining politics soon. “I am trained in governance and would like to join electoral politics for developmental issue. At the same time I wish to bring a little bit of honesty into electoral politics. We will have to tell people that electoral politics in the current format is an obstacle to the resolution,” he said.

Faesal said that the Government should initiate dialogs with the Hurriyat, because they are the custodians of “sentiments.” When asked about what sentiments he is speaking about, Faesal answered, “The sentiment is that here people don’t relate to the idea of India.”

When asked about the time when he himself had booked youth in Bandipora under Public security Act (PSA), he said, “I think I have been very careful as the deputy commissioner and observed due diligence in PSA cases. There are many instances when I did not simply sign the order. However, as an officer I had to do my job and bring back order and peace. While doing my duty, my immediate concern was whether the person did it or not. Why he did it was not immediately my part of the job. But I think then I did not take any more assignments as DC of any other district to avoid such situations.”

However Faesal also made it clear that he is not going to join any political party just yet, he will find his ways to serve the people. In another interview, Faesal said that solving the dispute is not his job, he want to provide the much needed governance.