Kathua victim’s father removes advocate Deepika Singh Rajawat from the case

The father of the Kathua rape and murder victim has decided to remove lawyer Deepika Singh Rajawat from the case. The primary reason for this being the attorney’s absence in most of the case hearings. Obeying a Supreme Court order, Pathankot sessions court is hearing the matter on a regular basis, a total of 110 hearings have taken place in last five and a half years, out of which Rajawat has appeared only twice or thrice.

The victim’s father who is also the main complainant of the FIR, filed an affidavit in the court, informing that Deepika Singh Rajawat will no longer serve as his advocate.

Rajawat was hailed from all the corners when she took up the the responsibility of gaining justice for the seven year old victim, who had allegedly been raped and murdered in Kashmir. With extensive media coverage, the attorney became an overnight household name.

However since, Deepika Singh Rajawat has mostly been absent from the case and rarely appeared for the hearings. The victim’s father in his affidavit notes that Deepika Singh Rajawat is perhaps sensing a threat of life at Pathankot.

Here it must be noted that Supreme Court had transfered the case from Jammu and Kashmir to Pathankot to ensure the safety of the victim’s family and lawyers. Back then, terming the move as a ‘victory’, Rajawat had expressed happiness over the case being moved to a ‘safe and peaceful’ place.

One may wonder, what incidents or events led her to sense a threat of life at Pathankot, especially when the victim’s family and other people associated with the matter have not expressed any such fear as of yet.

Earlier, advocate Talib Hussain, who had raised his voice for the justice of the Kathua victim, was himself accused of rape by two women. He has also been accused of attempting to kill his wife over dowry.