Kavita Krishnan used 4 year old photograph to claim that Prime Minister was laughing after Pulwama attacks

On 17th of February, Naxalite activist Kavita Krishnan retweeted an image, showing Prime Minister Narendra Modi laughing with Bihar CM Nitish Kumar. Along with the image she wrote, “Entire nation is crying due to the Pulwama attack, Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with his friends like Nitish Kumar, Sakshi Maharaj are laughing and having fun at election rallies. Krishnan tried to suggest that the Photograph was taken after the Pulwama attacks.

There was absolutely nothing wrong with the photograph which Krishnan shared, it was as genuine as they get. The only problem was that the claims she made along with it, were outright false. The photograph she shared, was not taken on the evening of the attacks or anytime after it. The photograph’s origin goes way back to 2015, only a year after Narendra Modi took over as the Prime Minister.

Kavita Krishnan, obviously intended to give out an impression that Narendra Modi is an insensitive man, who was having light moments at a time when the nation was mourning. However, at this age of social media it is very difficult to fool people. Krishnan, instead ended up embarrassing her own-self.

The said picture of Narendra Modi appeared in a news report of Indian Express, on 26th July, 2015. It was at a time when both Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar were political opponents as the later was a part of an alliance with Lalu Prasad Yadav led RJD and Congress.

This was not the first instance, when activist leaning to the left were caught peddling fake news after the Pulwama attacks. Recently, left wing students leader Shehla Rashid on twitter claimed that students of Kashmir were being harassed and targeted in Dehradun. Her claims were later refuted by Dehradun police, CRPF and local residents.