Kejriwal Calls for Referendum in Delhi; Twitter TROLLs His Unconstitutional Idea

Arvind Kejriwal image 1

In a landmark decision that will change the history of whole Europe and reduce the growth of all European Union nations including Britain by 1-2% as per many speculations, Britain has now decided via popular referendum to leave European Union. Termed #BRexit all over the globe, this decision by Britain has shocked most financial markets and nearly all large financial markets have lost 5-10% of their market value.

As was expected, Kejriwal did not leave the opportunity to further his own agenda. He tweeted saying that soon he will have a referendum of Delhi citizens asking if they want Delhi to become a full state or not.

This is a terrible idea for many reasons but Kejriwal does not care about the consequences.

Here is what Kejriwal tweeted:

As expected, Twitter responded in its own way:

Others were not as reasonable and just wanted to have fun on this stupid idea:

In case you did not understand this one, the second one is a troll account and has been gaining followers really fast on Twitter with its witty tweets.

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