Was Kejriwal Lying? New PROOF Suggests AAP Parliament Secretaries Given Quarters

Since the President sent back the retrospective bill brought in by the AAP government, Arvind Kejriwal has been on an offensive against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He has been hitting at Modi saying that Modi does not want to work himself and does not allow others to work either.

In his attack against the President AND the prime minister of India, Arvind Kejriwal says that the reason that the Parliament secretary appointment was not unconstitutional is that none of them were given any benefits. None of them received any money, any car or any housing.

Proof has emerged that proves otherwise. A new leaked document on the internet shows that each of the parliament secretaries was given a quarter to live in, by the Delhi government. We cannot vouch for the authenticity of the document at this moment. However, if the document is correct than Arvind Kejriwal has some explaining to do in this case.

Here is the document:

AAP Parliament Secretaries image 1

This is an official allotment of quarters or rooms to the parliament secretaries. The rooms may be small or big, does not matter. If this is true, then Arvind Kejriwal does not have any right to say that these parliament secretaries were working for free. He has already broken the rule by bringing in 21 Parliament Secretaries, as against 1 that is allowed for Delhi. This is the reason why the move in unconstitutional. Whether they were earning or not is not the issue.

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