After Kejriwal, Owaisi questions Army’s strategy.

Hyderabad: AIMIM chief Asaddudin Owaisi questioned BJP and Congress’s bluster over army attacks, pointing out that India’s defence preparedness might not be up to the mark.

“We need to be extremely cautious and careful. Before both these parties go around bragging, they need to read the Comptroller Auditor General’s 2015 report on our defence preparedness which says that we only have ammunition to last 11-days in case of an all-out war,” Owaisi said.

When any ammunition meets an accident, army impose ban on use of that particular lot of ammunition. Such ammunition is kept segregated till its further sentencing.

CAG observed that ammunition worth Rs 3,578 crore were lying in segregated condition, awaiting sentencing. CAG also found another Rs 1,618 crore worth of ammunition with manufacturing defects lying rejected in depots.

“The acute shortage was a serious cause of concern directly impairing the operational readiness of the army,” the CAG reports.