Kejriwal’s Double standards aimed at helping Congress EXPOSED!!!!

AAP double standards image 1

He Goes and campaigns for corrupt parties. He shares dais with Nitish Kumar on his oath taking ceremony. He congratulates Didi for her win in West Bengal.

The irony is that, he doesn’t neither care to appreciate BJP’s victory in Assam polls, nor he talks about Congress’s pathetic performance. CLEAR DOUBLE STANDARDS and evidence that he is a WELL WISHER of corrupt Congress or a friend to any other who is against BJP and the nation. Below are some of his Tweets and Re-Tweets.

Analyzing his tweets for past one week, one tweet which captured my eye is of the Delhi Municipal By-poll where AAP won 5 seats. Kejriwal cares to tweet even the minor of the minor instances where there is setback to BJP but never congratulates BJP for winning a whole state, that too for the first time.



Congress lost two of its important states. After this its only few small North Eastern states left for them while Karnataka is on the verge of going back to BJP after BS Yeddyyurappa’s entry as a party president. Kejriwal never was hobgoblin about this. It happened during Augusta Scam expose too. Kejriwal was mum when the whole nation was shouting slogans against corrupt Congress. It is only after people started trolling Kejriwal that is when he sent a series of tweets daring BJP to arrest Sonia without any court trial.

I am ashamed of Delhiets who have chosen a CM whose ultimate goal is to defame BJP and its tallest leader Narendra Modi. The country has never seen a leader like Kejriwal who has so much poison at heart and is making the whole country pay for it as he started with Delhi.

Mr. Kejriwal, Parties are formed and perished, governments come and go. In public life, It is how you regard your opponents which MATTERS!!!