Kerala: 61 one year old Madrasa teacher arrested for sexually abusing young children below the age of ten

Last week, a Madrasa teacher named Yusuf (61) was arrested in Kerala over allegations of sexually abusing minor students. Yusuf is a native of Aluva and is was employed as a madarsa teacher in a mosque in Thalayolaparambu, Kottayam for the past 2 year. After realising that his actions have been reported he was on a run before being nabbed by the police after two weeks on 27th May.

The entire matter came into light when parents of one of the students filed a complaint with the police. As the investigation commenced, police now believes that he has similarly abused other children in the madrasa too.

Yusuf used to target children below the age of ten, as at such an young age choir children are too naive to understand what is happening with them. Too further protect himself, he earned the respect and trust of the locals by regularly arranging religious speeches. convinced mosque authorities to arrange a private room for him. Yusuf used to lure students into the room where he had abused most of the victims.

Yusuf was doing all of this for past two years until a young boy complained of Yusuf’s unusual behavior to his parents who in return reported everything to police.

The police claims that Yusuf has confessed of himself being a victim of sexual abuse in an early age. “Yusuf confessed he has been raping kids since the age of 25. He himself was a victim of sexual assault when he was a child. He took revenge by raping the daughter of the man who raped him. As kids won’t complain and often have no knowledge about the legal actions, Yusuf continued with his criminal behaviour. Even in this case, the parents of the two kids and Mahallu committee took a while to register their complaint,” said police.