Kerala High Court slams compulsory salary deduction to CMDRF

Kerala High court has slammed the state government’s decision to compulsorily deduct 1 months salary from its employees to Chief Ministers Distress Relief Fund. The court compared the decision to looting.

According to THE NEW INDIAN EXPRESS, While several employees have their reservations, some former top bureaucrats have a different take on the issue. Employees’ bodies are considering whether to implead in the ongoing case before the HC. Members of the 2,000-strong pro-Congress Secretariat Association plan to give their dissent note. “We welcome the HC verdict. We feel the government will consider the HC’s views and act accordingly. We have already expressed our reservation,” said Secretariat Association president J Bency.

The Chief Minister has asked to donate salary through the salary challenge. But making it compulsory is a wrong procedure. Compulsory salary donation Compulsory salary donation is like looting the employees, the court observed.