Kerala Hindu student thrashed by Muslim mob for dropping Muslim classmate

Hindu attacked by Muslim mob image 1

18 year old Sreesagar was, on Sunday, attacked by a Muslim mob when he went to drop his muslim classmate to the bus stop. The attack happened after a Muslim mob stopped his vehicle when they saw him riding with a Muslim girl and thrashed him.

“They rounded him and asked him whether he was a Hindu. They did not listen to him and started thrashing him. Earlier also, a similar incident has happened in that area,” Sreesagar’s father Suresh Babu said.

The girl’s sister was getting engaged on that day and for this reason, she wanted to reach home early. In order to help her with the same, Sreesagar decided to drop her to the bus stop so that she may be able to reach her sister’s engagement on time.

Sreesagar has been admitted in the Vadakara government hospital where he is currently undergoing treatment.

The main question now is WHY is media silent on this? If it was a Hindu Mob that had thrashed a Muslim guy for dropping a Hindu girl, this would be the most viewed debate for a whole week.

Why are Hindus second class citizens?

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