Kerala: Muslim Educational Society President receives death threat days after banning burqa in institutions under the body

With the ongoing nationwide debate over face covering burqa, a Kerala based Islamic institution named Muslim Educational Society (MES) had banned the veil from the premises of its schools and colleges. But now according to reports, the President of the educational body is receiving death threats from fundamentalists sections of the community for the decision.

Recently, MES President, P A Fazal Ghafoor received a mysterious phone call in which the person on the other side threatened to kill him, unless the circular banning the face veil is withdrawn.

it is possible that the caller may have been from the Gulf. A police complaint has been filed over the matter, although a formal case is yet to be registered. “I received a phone call from a mobile on Friday, threatening to kill me. It was a male voice and he used very harsh, threatening and demeaning words on me,” Gafoor stated in his complaint. He added that the caller sounded extremely agitated over the circular.

The MES had issued a circular on 2 May stating that students would not be allowed to enter education institutions run by it covering their faces. The move triggered a huge backlash by orthodox Muslim organisations who termed the circular ‘un-Islamic’.

On the other hand, Gafoor contends that the practice of covering the face was a relatively recent phenomenon, and had not previously existed in the state.