Kerala woman, boyfriend gets 20 years in jail for husband’s murder in Australia

An Australian court on Wednesday sentenced an Indian couple Sofia and her lover Arun Kamalasanan (both from Kerala) for more than 20 years in jail, for murder of Sofia’s husband Sam Abraham.

  1. Initially death was thought to be because of a cardiac arrest.
  2. Autopsy report revealed that Sam had been poisoned with cyanide.
  3. Love triangle born in Kerala ended in murder in Australia.

Sam was found dead in his home in Epping in Melbourne on October 13, 2015 and his death was initially thought to be because of a cardiac arrest. However, an post-mortem report revealed that Sam had been poisoned with cyanide.

33-year-old Sofia and 35-year-old Arun – who were arrested in 2016 – were found guilty of murdering Sam in February this year. Sofia has been given a prison term of 22 years with a minimum of 18 years while Arun was jailed for 27 years with a minimum of 23, reported.

Describing what played out in court, the report stated that neither Sofia, nor Arun reacted or asked for pardon, as they learned about their sentence.

Justice Coghlan, who pronounced the sentence, reportedly said that the murder was “premeditated” and “probably excruciating” for the victim.

Arun drugged the whole family, also Sofia and her then six-year-old child, after which, he forced Sam to drink cynide mix orange juice.

According to the report, Justice Coghlan admitted it was difficult to find conclusively about the role of Sofia in the murder, but stated that Arun would not have been able to carry it out alone without Sofia’s knowledge.

Sofia and Arun were arrested after months of police surveillance. Undercover police found that the both were spending time together and had even started a joint bank account, the police also found Sofia’s diary in which she had written about her love for Arun.

Arun is most likely to be deported after the duration of his sentence, while Sofia’s immigration status will be decided later, because she is an Austrailian citizen.

Picture Source: Sam Abraham’s Facebook.