The Most Kickass Reply by PM Modi Shutting Mouth of Mamata Banerjee on her “Put Modi In Jail” Remark-Video

Ever since demonetisation, politicians like Arvind Kejriwal(Irony, he self proclaimed himself messiah of honesty), Mamata Banerjee and likes of Mayawati are fuming on PM Modi. It looks like, they have lost crores of black money stacked as Cash in the form of old 500 and 1000 denomination.

Manata Banerjee is so furious that she is not even caring about communal riots, which happened in WB few days ago and trying to suppress press from covering it. She went so fuming on PM Modi that she even told, ” Put Modi in Jail”. These money greedy politicians dont understand that by demeaning a democratically elected PM of India, in fact, they are insulting India in international forum. But what can they do? had they been honest and serving people, the situation would not have been this worse.

However, PM Modi came up with most kickass reply on Didi Mamata’s wish to put PM of India in Jail. Here is what he said.

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