This Kolkata Girl Made Facebook Post Criticizing Mamata Banerjee. What TMC Cadres Did in Reply will SHOCK You !!

Trinamool intimidation just doesn’t seem to end in Bengal! In a sensational development, a postgraduate student, Rajshree Chaterjee, pursuing her Master of Technology at Rajabazar Science College, Kolkata put up a one-line post on Facebook criticizing Mamata Banerjee. This post did a few rounds of the internet & there was a little bit of a debate in the comments section:

People are haribol (praising the lord) during bhasaan (Durga idol immersion), but want you to go to hell, Honourable (Mamata)!

The news got around a little bit more. Very soon, in an act of pure intimidation, Trinamool Congress supporters put up a huge poster near her house in Dumdum, Kolkata with the words “We condemn this!” Her Facebook page was converted into a 5’×3’ hoarding, with all her personal details, etc. Get this, guys! They went to this extent to condemn a college girl’s FACEBOOK POST.


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This was not enough. Next day, a few “party cadres” (read goons) of the Trinamool Congress went to her home & threatened her.

Rajshree had talked to a media house & said that her protest was against the large amount of money being spent on the carnival, especially at a time when there was so much of unemployment in the state. Rajshree also said that if it the intention was to promote Bengali heritage, then a few handpicked clubs would do no justice to that.

Earlier, on Friday, October 15, Mamata Didi had organised a huge ceremony at Red Road during the immersion of goddess Durga on the eve of Vijaya Dashmi. The entire Red Road was blocked for the event.

It is noticeable that 39 Kolkata clubs (picked by the government) paraded their idols down the road for their immersion processions. The leading parade (“best among the best”), that of 75 Pally Pooja Committee is headed by Mamata Banerjee’s brother. The spending were humongous & a dozen government departments were engaged, apart from the KMC (Kolkata Municipal Corporation) & Kolkata Police.