Kolkata minor girl missing for the last ten months, Father cries for help. Kolkata Police Rubbishes Claim..

Guria (named changed), a minor girl from Kolkata, is missing for the last ten months. If there is any truth to the allegations that her poor father has been making since she went missing, then the girl is held captive in one of the houses at Kolkata’s Metiaburuz (Garden Reach) area from June of last year.

Vinod Das who is a cleaning worker at Kolkata Municipal corporation, alleged that a man named ‘Mintu Miyan’ kidnapped his 17 year old minor daughter in June of 2017. As per Vinod Das, he has kept her captive in the city’s famous Muslim majority area Metiaburuz. The family is convinced that Guriya is held captive in Metiaburuz because they claim one of their relatives had saw her with the accused Mintu Miyan around the suspected area in November 2017.

On 27th June, Vinod Das first registered a police complaint about the matter. In January of this year he moved to the High court where he filed a writ petition naming the accused Mintu Miyan. The police filed the case under Section 363 of Indian Penal Code (IPC). On 9th June, the girl went missing from the locality.

The Kolkata High Court in the latest hearing of the case had ordered state police to carry out raids at the exact premises where the family believes the girl is kept at. But according to Vinod Das, police didn’t obey apex court’s instructions.

“In view of the nature of allegations made by the petitioner, it would be appropriate to direct the respondent no.3 to ensure a raid is carried at the premises identified by the petitioner to recover the victim girl. The respondent no.3 will submit a report as to the result of the raid on the next date of hearing,” read the order dated 16th February 2018.

                                         A copy of the High court order

Vinod Das and his family have alleged that the police is hesitant of carrying out raids at the particular building due to the demographics of the surrounding area. It must be noted that Trinamool Congress (TMC) legislator Firhad Hakim had once referred to Metiaburuz as ‘mini Pakistan‘ while talking to a Pakistani journalist.

Vinod Das also claimed that earlier this month he came face to face with the accused Mintu Miyan at the city’s police headquarters. “When we informed police, Anjali, my grand-daughter and I were called to Lalbazar Police headquarters in April (this month) and Mintu Miyan was present there. However, he refused to admit that he had any connection with my daughter. Asked by Police, he said my daughter is not with him,” Vinod Das said.

However on Tuesday the Joint commissioner of Police (crime), Kolkata police rubbished all claims about the girl being captive at Metiaburuz as just rumours.

A press conference was held by Vinod Das from the Calcutta press club to explain his part of the story.

“When we have filed a writ petition and the Court has directed the police to recover the minor girl, how can Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) call this a rumour?”, Uday Chand Jha the lawyer of Vinod Das.

Meanwhile political parties are now getting involved in this incident. Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in West Bengal has decided to take up the cause. The youth wing of BJP will be staging a protest against the police, demanding proper actions to rescue guria on Thursday evening.