Kolkata: Muslim mob prevented Hindus from celebrating Ayodhya Bhoomi Pujan

Clashes reportedly broke out between Hindus and Muslims in Kolkata’s Rajabazar on August 5th when some people tried to celebrate the Ayodhya Bhoomi Pujan. According reports, Muslims of Kolkata’s minority dominated Rajabazar area first objected to Hindus celebrating the occasion and then tried to forcefully prevent them.

Several videos showing the tensed altercation between the two sides is making rounds on the Internet. In one of the videos, an enraged Muslim man could be seen threatening the celebrating Hindus and ordering them to remove the flags which they had put on over houses and shops.

When the Hindus refused to obey his orders, he himself tried to remove them. But Hindus apperantly put on a strong resistance and stopped him from doing so at first. However, a large number of Muslims gathered in the area.

In yet another video, a huge mob could be seen removing the flags in the same area and saying things such as “dhuk ke maaro saalon ko” (barge into their homes and beat them).”

The incident reported took place in Narkeldanga locality of Rajabazar. Before the clashes could escalate into a full blown riots between communities, police arrived at the spot took the situation under control.

Earlier, SatyaVijayi had reported on how Hindus across West Bengal faced difficulties in celebrating Ayodhya Bhoomi Pujan. At many places, police intervened in celebrations and stalled them.