Kolkata police takes Sheikh Rohit, Fardin Khan, Sheikh Sabir Ali and four others under custody for harassing Former Miss Universe India Ushoshi Sengupta in Kolkata

Kolkata police has taken seven youth under custody for harassing former Miss Universe India Ushoshi Sengupta on the intervening midnight of Monday and Tuesday. On Tuesday, Ushoshi had made a Facebook post to share the entire experience she had go through that night.

Those arrested for being involved in the incident are, Sheikh Rohit, Fardin Khan, Sheikh Sabir Ali, Sheikh Gani, Imrat Ali, Sheikh Wasim and Sheikh Aatif.

According to Ushoshi, the entire situation on Monday night began when her Uber cab hit a bike. The riders of the bike, who appeared to be rowdy by nature, attacked on the cab and its driver. Soon around 15 boys gathered, all trying to hurt the driver. This is when she decided to step out of the car and intervene.

However, all her requests fell at deaf ears as the boys kept assaulting the driver. Finding no other way to stop them, the model ran up to a near police station, but the cops there refused to help her on the pretext of the incident taking place under some the jurisdiction of some other police station.

Though after much requests, the cops finally came with her and rescued the cab driver. Believing everything was over, Ushoshi requested the cab driver to drop her. However to her utter surprise, Ushoshi after a while realised that she was still being followed by those same boys. The boys once again attacked and tried to snatch away her phone which contained a video clip of the earlier altercation.

This time Ushoshi broke down and starting shouting which made locals of the area to come out. She also called her father and sister who lived in a nearby locality. Finally police arrived and the nightmare ended