Kolkata student stripped naked, filmed inside St Paul’s Cathedral College room

The incident took place at St Paul’s Cathedral College situated on Kolkata’s Amherst Street and the clip showed the student pleading for mercy. Te student was, however, pushed to undress in front of some people. The first-year student had sent a written complaint to Chatterjee on the matter. He further claimed to be a member of the Trinamool Congress Chhatra Parishad (TMCP) unit of St Paul’s Cathedral College.

West Bengal Education Minister Partha Chatterjee, who received a written complaint from the student on the matter, told reporters on Sunday that anyone found involved in the misdeed would bear consequences.

“If the allegations were found to be true in the inquiry report of the college, the government will show ‘zero tolerance’ to such misconduct,” he said.

Trinamool Chatra Parishad president Jaya Dutta said she will speak with the college authorities and members of her party before taking any action.

The video clip of the incident, which went viral on social media, showed the student pleading for mercy even as he was forced to remove his clothes in front of a group of people.