When did Korea become Kerala for CPIM’s Electricity Minister?

M M Mani, Kerala’s Electricity Minister, posted a picture on twitter, this Thursday, where he claimed that India’s largest floating solar plant was all set to start operations in Kerala’s Banasura Sagar reservoir in Wayanad.

The tweet, which was shared at 7:16 am on 26 October, after which it was shared by Canadian Greenpeace campaigner Mike Hudema.

But by a few Google Image Search of the solar plant photo it was found that the image is originally from the LG CNS’s Floating Solar Power Plant located at the Otae Reservoir of Sangju City, in South Korea’s Gyeongsang Bukdo Province.

This did not go well with people, and the Communist Leaders were trolled.

Many websites and media houses copied image from MM Mani’s tweet without verifying the image and reported the same.

Later after a massive thrashing on Twitter and Facebook the images were then corrected.

Well, having a floating solar power plant is appreciated by all, but certainly the fake images were not acceptable. An achievement and hard work of people who contributed for building up of the floating solar plant was disrespected by a single fake image.