Kunal Kamra calls for Britishers to return and invade India once again, liberals applaud

It is nothing but natural in a democracy that opposition would have differences and disagreements with government. But one may wonder, whether it can be regarded seditious when comedians belonging to the other side of the spectrum wishes for the country to get invaded by another country, even if jokingly.

Stand-up comedian Kunal Kamra, known to be very close to the left liberal ecosystem of the country, recently batted for Britishers to return and invade India once again, during one of his shows.

The profanity-laden ‘comic act’ starts by plugging Rahul Gandhi’s routine allegation that Narendra Modi is a stooge of Ambani, and hence Mukesh Ambani should be our PM. He then takes potshots at Hindu Dharma – mocking the Ram Setu bridge between Bharat and Lanka and wondering why legendary Hindu Gods can’t defend themselves.

Finally, he winds up his ‘act’ by admitting that he & his audience have ‘genuinely no option (to replace Modi)’ and hence they should all go and call the Britishers back, by taking placards of ‘Simon come back.’

The act of Kamra was much applauded and enjoyed by other fellow faces from the left liberal circles. Those who applauded Kamra, include, professor Ashok Swain, Singer Vishwal Bhardwaj, political activist Umar Khalid, lawyer Prashant Bhushan and actress Swara Bhaskar.