Kunal Kamra uses old videos of 2013 while criticising Modi government during interview with Kejriwal

Recently, left leaning comedian Kunal Kamra sat down for an interview with Delhi CM and AAP Supremo Arvind Kejriwal. The interview appeared to be more focused on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the central government than the guest himself, Mr. Kejriwal.

Nevertheless, In the video of the interview, various snippets and images were used to make the claims made in it appear more credible and factual. A large Part of the entire interview was dedicated to criticising the current government at centre. Kejriwal in the interview said that the BJP has normalised mob lynching and Muslims were the primary targets for such lumpen elements. 

Though both Kejriwal and Kamra conveniently ignored all those mob lynching incidents where the victims were Hindus, especially in states like West Bengal and Kerala. Meanwhile, Ankur Singh, a popular twitter user has alleged that many of the videos and images used in the interview to criticise the current day government are old and predate the tenure of Modi regime.

Using screenshots, Ankur Singh has shown how many of the videos used by Kunal Kamra, were already available on YouTube since 2013, at a time when Congress Party led UPA was in power at centre.

A large section of people had criticised when Prime Minister Narendra Modi sat down with actor Akshay Kumar for the an interview instead of a journalist. However now Arvind Kejriwal sitting with a comedian for an interview and then old videos being used in it to target his political rivals, is sure to raise a lot of questions.