Lashkar e Taiba planned Paris like attack in Delhi targeting PM Narendra Modi

There appears to be intricate attempt to target Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The news from our ever agile Intelligence agencies have said that Terror outfit Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) had planned a Paris-like attack at a gathering in Delhi attended by PM Narendra Modi.

Militants were ordered to conduct mass shootings like Paris and target PM Modi along with other senior high profile leaders.

Also, the LeT militant was supposed to blow himself up in case he failed to breach PM Modi’s security layer.

They had a plan B as well just in case Plan A didnt work out. As per Plan B they were supposed to eliminate some other high profile target either in Delhi or J&K which could create communal issue in the country.

The entire plan got foiled considering arrests of LeT terrorists made recently and this revelation has been made by the same people arrested.