Lathi Charge On Students by Police at Jesus Calls Paul Dhinakaran’s Karunya University

Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences, formerly known as Karunya University, is a private institute deemed to be university in Coimbatore. The institution currently has more than 5000 students which also includes many students from foreign countries.

Recently on April 11, students of the university commenced protesting against high education fees and transportation fees at the campus of Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences and asked for its reduction. The protest of the students continued throughout the day as the management failed to give any congruous consolation to the students over their demands.

In this situation, about 200 policemen under DSP Velmurugan were stationed at the campus to eschew any violent incidents at the protest. However in the late hours of evening, the police personnel stationed at the campus suddenly tried to forcibly remove the students sitting in protest and the students who resisted were even subjected to lathi charge in which some of the protesting students were injured.

As a result of this incident, Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences has declared continuous holiday till further notice. The students who have been staying at the hostel of the institution were also forcibly vacated and sent back to their homes by the management.

Video Source: Polimer News