The Left and its Angel Priyas, A case study

Every now and then, thinkers from left wing accuse the right wingers of spreading fake news and propaganda through fake social media identities. On the flip-side, this narrative of the left is similar to “pot calling kettle black”. The Left wingers and IT cell of their parties are equally guilty of peddling propaganda and fake news through a network of Angel Priyas.

One such facebook ID is that of a woman named Parvati Goenka. She has over 15000 followers on facebook, and from her frequent posts is mostly likely to be branded as a Congress propagandist.

Posted by Parvati Goenka on Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Abhishek Manu Singhvi of Congress wins Rajya Sabha seat from West Bengal

Posted by Parvati Goenka on Friday, March 23, 2018

Although, she also claims to be a practicing Hindu, she posts Anti-Hindu statuses on several occasions.

She is also a friend of Sanjeev Bhatt on facebook, a former IPS officer and a well known Modi hater.

But, a glance at Parvati Goenka’s profile shows that something is fishy and she might not be a real person at all. First of all, her profile shows that she is a Human Resources Officer at Toyota Motor Company and Customer Service Manager at Sony India Pvt Ltd, both in Kolkata. She also works as the team leader at IBM India Pvt Ltd at an unspecified place. It is impossible for someone to work for three different companies simultaneously. Her current profile has been updated and no longer reflects these details, but thankfully we had captured screenshots.

Also, she claims to live in Kualalumpur, Malaysia, but she works at two different places in Kolkata. Maybe, she worked with those companies at different times in Kolkata before shifting to Kualalumpur, and for some reason she forgot to mention this fact, hence she gets the benefit of doubt.

But, the final evidence which proves that Parvati Goenka is a fake profile, comes from her pictures. Here, is her cover photo uploaded on 18th April 2016, And the other one is her recent profile picture from 13th December 2017, while her current display picture is that of the popular character “Devasena” from the movie Bahubali. The pictures are of two different persons. Many comments have complemented her, mistaking those pictures to be her. She hasn’t even once replied to any of those comments to tell that those aren’t her real photos, which means that she wants to mislead people.

It is clear that the person behind this profile, is neither Parvati Goenka, nor from Malaysia and possibly not even a woman or a Hindu. The person behind the profile probably works for Congress IT cell and uses random photos of pretty women to lure sex starved men. And, this isn’t the only such profile, there are countless. But most of the time, BJP IT Cell is mocked for fake profiles and troll armies. The mischief of Congress and other left wing parties go unnoticed.