Left liberal actor Prakash Raj ousted from the funeral of Martyr

Left leaning actor Prakash Raj, was heckled and ousted from the funeral of a CRPF martyr who lost life in the Pulwama attacks. The funeral was taking place at the Martyr’s hometown in Karnataka’s Mellahalli village. Raj in recent past, has been very vocal against the the policies and actions of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party and its affiliates.

Prakash Raj had travelled to Mellahalli to attend the funeral of martyr Guru. However, several people at the place, objected to Raj’s presence and accused him of being a hypocrite.

The confrontation between Prakash Raj and those against him, broke out when the he took the stage to make a speech. “Let us not be divided at this painful time,” Prakash Raj said. “If any enemies come to attack us, it is the responsibility of the citizenry to forget all differences and be together, to think as one and stand together and support our leaders.”

At this point, a section of the crowd began to heckle him. “Don’t speak about it only when an incident happens, speak about it every day,” one man called out.

Though, Prakash Raj tried to continue his speech, the people who were visibly angry with the actor’s recent actions or statements did not allow him. Some of the protesters surged the stage and snatched away the microphone, while others tried to manhandle him.

Few people even called him a traitor and assaulted him. In the melee that followed, Raj is said to have fallen to the ground. Raj was later escorted to his car safely and sent away.

Below is a video of the entire incident:-