Is the Fake News crusader (ALTNEWS) posting fake news on his Facebook page?

Nowadays, it is very difficult to find a credible source of information that reports accurate news. This is because of the increasing number of News Websites with specific ideological propaganda.

To prove my point, I take the example of a website by the name Altnews, which is famous for exposing fake news spread by what they call “Right-Wing Sanghi members in Social media”. Several Mainstream Media Houses have highlighted Altnews on various occasions praising their work on exposes. True to their words, Altnews have indeed performed exposes on leading Mainsteam Media houses, similar to what many Right-Wing websites have done in the past.

This website, according to a report Published in The Hindu is run by Pratik Sinha, who also runs a Facebook page by the name “Truth of Gujarat”. This Facebook page could hardly provide any credible information in the 2002 Godhra Riots, since we are all aware that at the end of the day the highest Judicial body of India (Supreme Court) has cleared the current Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi as innocent. This happened in-spite of the severe Political hounding by Congress and its supporters against PM Modi.

Pratik is a former software engineer, now comes full time to run this portal which aims at exposing right-wingers. He and his team, also run the Facebook page called @SusuSwamy, which ironically is mocking Senior BJP leader Subramanian Swamy, the man who is hailed by many as one of the biggest corruption crusaders in India. (Eg 2G Case, J Jayalalithaa DA Case, National Herald and many more)

Pratik has already been proclaimed by several Senior Congress Leaders and NDTV Journalists as a Fake news exposing crusader. He is also invited to Singapore for an event as quoted by a report published in The Hindu.

Now, let us come back to the picture shared by these fake news crusaders, who surprisingly have posted fake news on their page @SusuSwamy. We can wonder only why Pratik shared this picture without performing any verification, isn’t this the real reason why he wanted to expose right-wingers in the first place?

Pratik did not share this picture on the website (, probably because he wanted to keep it clean on the website. But posting fake news in the @SusuSwamy would get additional likes from Anti-Sanghi fans. We are not sure if this kind of appeasement is right to get more fans on the Facebook page.

But, Kudos, credit goes to Pratik since he has deleted this fake post and apologized for the mistake he committed. This was done two hours after the post of Prasanna D Mudubage, which went viral in Facebook. Kudos to Prasanna, ironically as per Altnews’s standard he is a right-winger against whom people like Pratik are fighting very hard.

Unfortunately the hounding of Anti-Sanghi members doesn’t stop for Pratik here. He has been working on this strategy for quite sometime, before jumping into his current position of Fake News crusader. Here is a old post from @SusuSwamy page run by Pratik, which was supporting Kasab and questioning Ujjwal Nikam. Sadly this post was a big insult to the people who died in 26/11.

But Pratik had come up with a peculiar clarification two years back. He clearly declared that he is totally against Kasab and he infact wants this b****** to be shot dead. Tch Tch !! Such language will sadly will not feature in altnews website since it is against the guidelines of journalism.

He goes ahead to say, “Now coming to my post. It was about how My party utilized the biryani issue which was cooked up by some Lawyer. Do you Remember at one time people were made to believe by #AdarshSanghis that Terrorist Kasab’s major crime was not just 26/11 attack but eating mutton Biriyani which was served by UPA?

Do you Remember how my party made it an Election issue and Modi ji and many BJP leaders picked this biryani jumla which was marketed by my party for Votes?

But Thanks to UPA, Kasab was hung much before my party came into power. Had it been BJP/NDA Govt he would have walked out like other Pakistani Sympathizers or would have been escorted back with red carpet to pakistan like Jaswant Singh ji escorted Masood Azhar ji during Vajpai ji’s govt.”

While political leanings change from time to time, one should not use these political leanings as the core agenda to fight fake news. Although we completely agree with Pratik’s ideology of fighting fake news, we are completely opposed to this shift in ideological position once in a while to gain followers on Facebook page.

Ps: Here is the original link where the Fake Picture was obtained by @SusuSwamy page