Leftist Journalists create rumours about NAMO foods in Twitter, exposed after clarification from Chief Election Officer

Journalists from several popular media outlets went on a rampage in twitter, complaining about ‘NAMO’ food packets being distributed to officials posted in polling booths in Noida. Their complaint was that, the name ‘NAMO’ should be identified with Prime Minister Narendra Modi or the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), even if it doesn’t necessarily mean to do so.

Many of them even went to the extent of suggesting that the State Police were involved in a delivery service on behalf of the BJP, since the food packets were branded as ‘NAMO’.

An official clarification was provided by the SSP of Noida for the rumours generated by the above journalists, who tried to connect Namo foods with PM Modi and BJP. As per the clarification, no officials were ordered to procure food from any particular food outlet.

Several of these Journalists went ahead to try and mock the SSP inspite of providing an official clarification on this issue.

This mocking and rumour mongering, appeared to be in sync with Media members from the Indian National Congress (INC).

Finally all speculations and rumor mongering were put to rest as the Additional Chief Election Officer B R Tiwari suggested that the brand NAMO foods was around for more than 10 years old, and it was a popular brand in Noida. He further went to clarify that this incident has been highlighted differently in Media.

Our search in Zomato also yielded similar results that showed nearly four outlets in the Noida region alone.