Leftist propaganda falls flat, No communal angle in Junaid lynching case

On June 22 2017, Junaid Khan, a teenage boy, was stabbed to death by group of men in a Mathura bound train, after a heated argument over seats. The men allegedly passed anti-Muslim remarks and called the boys beef-eaters. But in an interesting turn of events, the Punjab and Haryana high court, has ruled out any possibility of communal hatred Vis-a-Vis the muder of Junaid.

The court has said that the initial dispute between the two parties involved in this case was “only regarding the seat sharing and abuses in the name of castes and nothing more,” reported Indian Express. The order which has been made public, states, “There is neither any evidence of any pre-planning to cause incident deliberately or intentionally or to create disharmony.”

One of the accused, Mahendra Dass has been granted bail. Last year, a trial court had dismissed Dass’s bail plea saying that he boarded the train and “was involved in the quarrel with the victims from the very beginning”. But Justice Chaudhari said, “I do not think, the distinction drawn by trial court is apt. On the contrary, it is seen that the assault was never made in the beginning, but the same was made when the other boys entered the train”.

Unfortunately, the murder of Junaid was given a communal colour by the media. Many people bought this communalised version. In June, thousands of such people protested in solidarity with Junaid and other victims of “Hindutva fascism”- something unheard of before BJP came to power in the centre. This protest was named “Not in my name.” Protestors held placards that read, “No Place for Islamophobia”, “Shed hate not blood” and “Raise the voice against hate” among others. Every protester was convinced that Junaid was killed in an incident of communal hatred. Media was successful in brainwashing these people en masse.

According to the unwritten rules of the media, facts don’t matter. All that matters is, whether an incident can be given an communal spin to antagonise Hindus? In the Junaid lynching incident, the answer was yes, because he was Muslim whom a group of Hindu men stabbed to death.

But there was no proof that any communal hatred towards Muslims was involved in this incident, still every news outlet shouted otherwise. There was no proof of any deliberate attempt to create communal disharmony either, but many journalists and media outlets somehow managed to find a Hindutva nationalist conspiracy.

For instance, Rajdeep Sardesai, well known for biased news reports, in an article said that the people responsible for Junaid’s death were motivated by religio-nationalism. Moreover, Rajdeep and other journalists like him, conveniently omitted the fact that the men who killed Junaid never started the assault.

As mentioned earlier, Justice Choudhari said “assault was never made in the beginning, but the same was made when the other boys entered the train.” Junaid was just as much responsible for inciting violence as the men who killed him, because he called his friends on the train to thrash the men. But this fact goes against the narrative that Muslims are always the victim, hence it was omitted.

The judgement of the Punjab and Haryana high court which rules out the involvement of communal hatred against Muslims regarding Junaid’s has give a sharp blow to the leftist propaganda. Unfortunately, a lot of damage has already been done. The quest is that, all those who have been peddling lies in this case, will they apologise?