Left’s Extinction, Red is turning into Grey

Theory and practical, Although both these words sound like head and tail of same coin, yet they are different. The ‘LEFT’ is in quite a dilemma to differentiate between these words. If you see the electoral maps of India it is even more evident that the Left is on their very way to extinction. Red is turning toward grey; Bengal, Tripura and Kerala were Left’s citadel.

For decades, even though Left has lost their electoral relevance throughout the world including Russia and China, they maintain their dominance in West Bengal for 34 years which ended in 2011, in Tripura for 25 years which ended recently whereas Kerala was swinging between Left [CPM lead Left democratic front-LDF] and Congress [Congress led United democratic front-UDF].

Support of people for Left is falling fast and the color of the political landscape turning from red to grey. This free fall support of the Lefts caught their politburo members off guard and clueless. Few issues and factors which are catalyst for these free fall deserve to be highlighted.

Communist parties of India follow a copy book example. Refusing to accept late Jyoti Basu’s candidature for PM in 1996 was indeed a historic blunder. In electoral democracy it is important to be in power or at least stay relevant in policy making level. But communist party leaders completely failed to realize this truth.

Even though various equations like personal conflicts between national leaders, rivalry between Kerala lobby and Bengal lobby played crucial role for this decision. They further hampered their reputation when clueless politburo members expelled speaker Somnath Chatterjee for not maintaining party line. Whenever they had opportunity to stay close to power they choose to ignore for the sake of so called party line. Perhaps, Left is slow in adapting with the change or refuse to change to stay relevant. Even though theoretically they were right in their sense but practically they were dead wrong which acted as catalyst for their extinction.

Since Independence, Leftist ideology shed more tears and traded human lives than any other issue in India. Starting from “Sarba Hara” (A Bengali term for class struggle) movement to “Naxal Bari” movement, Leftists massacred thousands of people in the name of class struggle or struggle against bourgeois.

In West Bengal, it was epidemic. Whoever came on their way during that period, they did not show any mercy. They weeded out every road block on their way in the name of proletariat. Whether if anyone small scale grocery shop keeper or police inspector or any ordinary teacher who lend their voice against left, they paid price with their own blood very brutally. Surprisingly, today’s historian and columnists overwhelmingly skipped the brutality of the Lefts. If you visit any corner of any West Bengal village, you will get numerous stories which deserved to be media headlines and viral news in this era of social network. These uncountable horror stories still bear the signature cruelty of the Left ideology. These type of stories are not very different from the story of Tripura. And it’s not very hard to guess the plight of Malayalis where Kerala is other stronghold of Lefts. These extreme Leftists, in whatever name you call-Maoists or Naxalites, shedding tears of innocent people in vast areas of Jharkhand, Odisha and part of Andhra-Telengana.

The Indian state is constantly is at war with these Lefts while moderate Lefts like Sitaram Yechury or Ritabrata Banerjee (CPM nominated Rajya Sabha MP but recently expelled from party) preach about tolerance and dignity of human life. It is an irony probably these leaders can not read sufferings, but people do not forget specially those who are victims. I cant exactly remember where I saw a line which might summarize the Left’s brutality- “In an African proverb- axe forgets but the tree does not!”

It is a modern mystery that Left always aligned with Islam which is an ideology close to their own Utopian concept of classless society. From Kolkata to New York, Mumbai to Melbourne or Dhaka to London, Left is more aligned with Islamists than the other way round. In fact, Islamist hated Left ideology as well as the concept of atheism. Left has continuously failed to understand the concept of Islamic imperialism. Probably, Left intellectuals think communism and Islamism have more similarity than disparity. Islamism’s uncompromising attitude toward majority where they are minority remind Left intellectuals their class struggle which is yet to achieve.

The Left’s selective intolerance toward Hindu community made them unacceptable over decades. I remember few years ago when Subhash Chakraborty, who was transport minister in West Bengal Govt, went to temple (probably Tarapeeth) to offer prayer (Goddess Kali), whole left brigade was after him and made it looked like end of the world. Whereas, Rezzaq Molla (the CPM MlA and minister, now TMC MLA) went to hajj then reaction of Left brigade was ‘business as usual’. These same people organised massive rally in Kolkata against Israel’s occupation of Palestine but became dementia patients when it comes to address the plight of Hindu minority over the fence in Bangladesh (previously East Bengal). Most disturbingly, these Left leaders are overwhelmingly belongs to these minority refugees from East Bengal.

This duplicity of the Left brigade is unacceptable and unforgettable to the most of the people. When Left is in power they applied brute force method to keep all these multiplicities under the carpet. As soon as they are out of power all these dirt started coming out in public domain. So if anyone equates bulldozing Lelin’s statue in Agartala as a political gimmick then someone is not honest enough to highlight the brutality of Left machinery.

At the end of the day in democracy people decide who will be in power. If Left want to stay relevant in Indian soil they must shed the shadow of Soviet Ghost, Chinese ghost or even Che Guevara ghost. The signature trademark of Left brutality must be dropped for good. Unconditional apology to the victims of their brutality could be first step toward their effort for bringing confidence among people. Incident like Marichjhapi or Nandigram or Kannur must be accepted. If they can convert their ‘class struggle’ into ‘caste struggle’ in India then Lefts might have a chance for survival.

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