Legal Department of SatyaVijayi Sends Notice to Newslaundry for Defaming Nationalist News Website

The Legal department of SatyaVijayi has sent a notice to Newslaundry for using the name and logo of SatyaVijayi in a video on fake news without any substantial proof. This is a clear defamation of a respected Nationalistic media organisation.

In the YouTube video title, “Clothesline Episode 84: Where are you in the fake news universe?”, editor Madhu Trehan spoke about Fake News being circulated on TV, News Channels and Social Media websites. She also tries to educate what a person should do, if he/she encounters a Fake News item.

At 8:26 minute, Trehan suggests measures to combat fake news, she says, “if it is a website sharing false news (displaying the logo of SatyaVijayi in the background along with other website logo), tag it on your social media page and take out your bhadas, with the message why it is a false news and what your source is…”

We totally agree with Trehan in this regard that Fake News should be countered with logical facts and sources. But SatyaVijayi has always been cautious and has tried not indulge in activities of spreading fake news. In case, if there has been any false interpretation of data by SatyaVijayi, we have apologized and unpublished our post/articles.

Our agenda has always been in favour of Nation building and not disruption. Hence, we have sent a legal notice and have called Newslaundry to do the following:-

SatyaVijayi has always taken it’s stand against the false/fake news and will stand by truth and continue to do so in the future as well.