Legion Strikes Again And This Time It Is NDTV/Washington Post Famed Barkha Dutt

The hacking attack on Indian cyber zone seems to be exponentially increasing day by day. A group of hacker/hackers by the name of Legion has been creating ripples in the Indian Twitteroshpere.

First it was the official twitter handle of Rahul Gandhi (@OfficeOfRG) which was hacked last week. The very next day they moved on to hack the Indian National Congress official twitter handle (@INCIndia). During the hack, Legion had promised a dump of all Congress mails for the public purview. An Official FIR had been launched by Indian National Congress and Delhi Police had identified that the hackers operated from five different countries.

Just 24 hour back the Legion stuck for the 3rd time and this time it was the official twitter handle of Liquor Baron Vijay Mallaya (@TheVijayMallaya). They had promised similar email dumps on him as well.

With now things heating up, the Legion has struck for the 4th time within 24 hours and now it is NDTV famed/ Washington Post columnist Barkha Dutt (@Bdutt). There have been quite a number of abusive tweets, what they seem to suggest is that they had retaliated to some of the name calling by Barkha Dutt.

Along with these tweets, the Legion had promised an Email Dump of Barkha from her days in NDTV. Till now this has been the four such threat of email dumps from the Legion.

Will they actually provide the Dumps? Will there be a 5th Victim? Who will be the next target? Only time will tell us what will happen with the Legion.