Let us all be Soldiers and defend our Country’s pride

Few months back, I met my European Client on his visit to Pune. I invited him to a pub for the weekend. He was bit reluctant to go out at night especially with his wife coming along. However, I convinced him and also invited few of my friends for the company.

He was enjoying the whole time but once, it was getting late, he asked me to drop him. I was surprised that he wanted to leave as it was Saturday night and I thought Europeans love such night life. But I didn’t pressurise him to stay and accompanied him to his hotel. On our way, we took a shortcut which passed through Army Cant area. He immediately noticed that we were taking some different road which was quite gloomy.

I assured him that we are safe since it was army area. He literally freaked out hearing the word ‘Army’. I asked him what was the matter. He told me that the Indian Army is cruel and tortures their citizens for no reason. He said that he had read about their brutality over internet especially on twitter and Facebook. He also told me how RSS and Modi are responsible attacking Taj Hotel in 2008. He thought there is a civil war kind of situation in our country and it is soon going to be taken by Army lead by Modi. And finally, there is a rape culture in India since ancient ages that’s why women are not safe in our country.

Next day after office, I was talking to him and I casually checked his Twitter account. He was following Sagarika Ghose, Arundhati Roy and Rana Ayubb. I conforted him that he should not judge my country based on these journolists. He said it wasn’t about just them but he showed some of his Indian friends’ posts on Facebook which showcased India in very negative way.

One of those posts showed Nirav Modi as Modi’s Cousin. There was another post showing EVM Hacked in election which was again fake. There was a post showing Kejriwal wearing slippers while meeting some Foreigner Minister. My client said that if my CM is so poor then what hope we have?

I showed him few articles about Kejriwal which exposed him, one crore Samosa, Holiday in Europe and of course the business class tour to Dubai. I assured him that India is not that poor that we can’t afford shoes for our CM. He was now confused, I told him to ignore all this as these are political gimmicks.

Well, he then said that it is ok that he can ignore such posts but advised me not to ignore them as these posts impact a lot to our country’s image abroad which inturn affects the foreign investment. All these days, his company didn’t give us strategic projects since they thought there is insurgency in our nation. They had preffered China over us for the same reason but again had to come to India for better quality.

It was a big lesson for me. We always complain that Modi is not generating jobs but each time he tours a foreign country promoting ‘Make in India’, our one random fake propaganda post changes mind of a NRI or a foreigner investor who sees it in their news feeds. So, please share verified posts and use social media responsibly.

Not everyone of us can join Army but we can contribute as a citizen too. If army is protecting the border, you protect the pride of the nation by exposing such idiots in your list. Don’t hesitate because they would block you or unfriend you. Country’s pride is more important than such morons in your friend list.

Two days back, one of friend posted that Dal was 200 Rupees per kilogram and I asked to post the receipt which was of course not done and exposed the propaganda. My client read that debate on Facebook and later thanked me in one of his call to change his perspective towards this great Nation. He has now blocked Rana and Ghose now.

Source:- Subhasis Das


Thank you Author Subhasis Das for this wonderful Facebook Post. SatyaVijayi published this content after obtaining permission from the Author.