Liberals paint Umar Khalid’s arrest with communal colours, say action against him ‘because of his religion’

Within hours from the arrest of JNU student activist Umar Khalid by police for his suspected involvement in Delhi’s anti-Hindu riots, the left liberal lobby rushed into action with their usual propaganda. Attempts of rallying support and sympathy for the 33 year old began almost immediately.

As usual, the self styled liberals began the process of painting the development with communal colors by implying that Khalid was arrested just because of his religions and not due to the crime he is an accused in.

These are, as very apperantly visible, tactics of applying pressure on the investigating agencies so that the probe could be disrupted.

Author and activist Saba Naqvi took to Twitter within minutes from the arrest to remind everyone that the one to have been detained is a Muslim and also an ‘outstanding student.’

The next in the long queue is journalist Arfa Khanum Sherwani, who in her tweet claim that “being a Muslim and asking for your constitutional rights” is a crime in India.

Below are some more tweets, where a blatant attempt to communalize an investigation and disrupt its course of action, could be seen.

Umar Khalid was named in the Delhi police chargesheet as one of the masterminds of the anti-Hindu riots which broke out earlier this year on the wake of American President Donald Trump’s visit to India. Others to be named include Aam Aadmi Party councilor Tahir Hussain. On this past Sunday, Khalid was summoned for questioning by the special cell and was arrested later in the day.