Lies spread by DMK IT wing on BJP female member

A lady professor from Tamil Nadu, Nirmala Devi, of Madurai Kamaraj university was recently arrested for allegedly luring students to get involved in sex work. The audio of the professor having a conversation with the girls was leaked in social media and this has taken Tamil Nadu by a storm.

Unfortunately this information is now being manipulated falsely into an Anti-BJP narrative by certain social media teams in Tamil Nadu. The social media teams which are leaning towards the Anti-BJP plank are trying to hijack this situation. They have recently tried to link this with a lady from Tamil Nadu BJP named Jessie Muralidharan, and suggested that Jessie Muralidharan is the arrested professor Nirmala Devi.

The resemblance between both the ladies are actually not even close. Even with a clear difference between the faces of the both the women, social media teams of the Anti-BJP forces are able to prefabricate a lie saying that BJP’s Jessie Muralidharan is none other than the arrested professor, Nirmaladevi.

DMK IT Deputy Secretary Isai (@Isai_), had initially tweeted this fake information against the BJP member Jessie Muralidharan, which was later deleted.

Translation: If the education becomes saffron, the price will be spoken for the chastity of the children.

Soon this fake tweet had been re-tweeted by several twitter users, without verifying the content.

It should also be noted that the mentioned BJP member, Jessie Muralidharan, was once a member of DMK.

This information was later debunked by several twitter users in social media. BJP member Jessie Muralidharan had released a video questioning the intent of the DMK members for sharing this false information.