The limitations of Aravindan Neelakandan and why he should keep to his expertise

Pseudo-science leads to false dharma, the problem of Newtonian Hindutvadis

If anybody in the modern day sciences talks about a Newtonian world model, often they will be ridiculed. Almost every field has moved on to the quantum model of the world, including the biological sciences (please see below in the reference: Dr B M Hegde, “How medicine is becoming quantumised the Bharatiya way”). If at all approximations equating to Newtonian models are used, it is used with such necessary qualifications of their limitations.

However, many self-proclaimed “scientific observers” from the humanities and a small proportion from the sciences (who still have not internalized the quantum nature of the world) have not stopped using their outdated Newtonian logic to determine what is rationally scientific and what is not. The pseudo-scientists are very much entitled to their opinion and perspective. For serious dharmic (practitioners) intellectuals and dharmically grounded bharatiyas though, they are better off ignoring most of them or at worst consider them in a strictly Callahanian sense.

Given that science has progressed leaps and bounds, sticking to the outdated 18th century model of Newtonian logic not only makes them unscientific but irrational and superstitious. Though the sciences have largely, even if not completely, progressed to a quantum model (and thus to an appropriate logical model of the world) these outdated Newtonians stubbornly stick to their guns made in the European pirate-navy era.

It would not be a problem for humanity if they kept their unscientific and outdated superstitious world views to themselves, but they do not. They go proclaiming their judgements without ever doing even the most basic due diligence and scientific assessment. In fact, this is a state of ignorant-hypocrisy, of course unwittingly, on the part of Dharma-warriors like Aravindan Neelakandan.

Why is it hypocritical?

Exactly because the various Dharmic philosophies and religions (Hinduism, including Jainism) were arguably the earliest to postulate a model of the universe that is closest to the current theoretical and experimental models based on quantum theory and/or its derivatives (string theory, membrane theory, etc.) Even computing is moving in the direction of a quantum technology from a binary-state model. This is particularly important especially given that the current self-proclaimed pioneers of science (the egotistical West) were fathers of the flat-world theories.

Do you believe in nonsense, not common sense?

It is said that the Greeks invented this and that, trigonometry and astronomy, and every science under the sun and beyond. Is this even possible? Their number system, the so-called Roman numerals, is hardly capable of doing efficient addition and subtraction! These people are supposed to have developed sophisticated decimals, fractions, trigonometric tables, etc. let alone quadratic equations and such. What a sadistic joke, in the entire human history!

This only goes to show the incredulity of the smartest people on the planet: the Bharatiyas who demonstrably pioneered many of the current sciences’ foundational fields – and in many cases went even beyond current limits, which are yet to be deciphered – are the flag-bearers of the West’s fraudulent claim that sciences are Western in origin. One cannot be sure if one should be aghast at this or laugh till the end of one’s own life. What a Himalayan idiocy from the descendants of the people of this brilliant civilisation.

Perhaps it is time for the humanities-heroes yet scientifically-challenged smart aleckies to stick to their Newtonian logic only to deconstruct the logic-less world of postmodernists, not stray into the quantum world of the cutting edge Dharmic “pioneers” (which these outdated Newtonians and Macaulay’s children can never comprehend). The pioneers of a kind who are not inventing anything new, but who are rediscovering from our Shastras and ancient literature, that which has been buried by the other side of the coin – the cousins of these Newtonian-logicians, the Marxists-materialists and fellow scientifically-challenged brethren.

A rose is a rose by any other name

Recently, Aravindan Neelakandan wrote, “The caveat again is not to map the modern discoveries of science with the traditional imageries in a literal or fundamentalist sense. Shiva’s dance is not the knowledge of the dynamic picture of the sub-atomic particles or the cosmology of the oscillatory universe. Nevertheless, the imagery of the deity has the potential to deepen and expand itself into a dynamic metaphor of the knowledge in all these realms. Physicists Fritjof Capra, Carl Sagan and Illya Prigogine could use the dancing Shiva as a metaphor for reality in their respective realms of science.” (Emphasis added)

Why metaphor after Hindu metaphor map so well with something scientific, something psychological, something logical? Does that not show a robustness of a metaphysics that happens to also double up as science? At the least, does it not cause utmost awe how it is the closest man has ever come to modern science while the flat-earth Westerners were executing Galileos! Is it just mere coincidence that Chidambaram falls on the line of maximum centrifugal force of the earth’s spin? This is one of the many such inexplicable mysteries of ancient Bharatiya science. One or two overlaps can be coincidental, but not countless dozens and dozens, if not more. Why is it “fundamentalist”?

In a private forum, Koenraad Elst commented on a different but related issue that “problems have been created by a tendency among Hindus to live up to expectations raised by their enemies.” Sadly, such Hindus appear to include even our very own Hindutvadi Dharma-warrior Aravindan Neelakandan.

This kind of centuries-old outdated thinking is being thrust upon the right-thinking Hindutvadis and Dharma-warriors so as to “correct” their so-called “unscientific” misguided flock. Aravindan Neelakandan appears to have made some self-defeating Trojan-horse remarks about some pioneers of Hindu Dharma because he thinks his Newtonian logic is infallible and is the gold standard of scientific rationality.


On this assumed Western-supremacist measuring-scale standards, he judges Dharmic pioneers and unguardedly uses words such as “child abuse” willy nilly. Perhaps, to redefine abuse, will he as well feign ignorance of the Christian Church’s 2000-year-old child sex abuse scandal?

It is time these outdated Newtonians know their limitations, stop getting swayed by the limelight (in this specific case, if not largely, significantly deriving from a co-authorship with a temperamentally-flawed yet brilliant Dharmic Kshatriya) that they enjoy.

Real physics vs imaginary physics

Even Huffington Post appears to have understood that the world has moved on, stating that “Newton’s Principia is hideously out of date, and it bears no relation to how physics is done by anyone today, or for the last couple of hundred years. It’s not even clear that it bears much relation to how Newton did physics.” (


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