Lockdown: A Boon in Disguise

Mid March 2020 the dynamics of the world changed. Covid19 came into play and the rise in number of infected people forced the world to come to a halt.

All the countries unanimously decided to lockdown everything. Business, offices, schools and all non essentials were told to shutdown. As this is one of its kind situation we are facing in 21st century no one had a clue of the effect it will have on our lives. However it is much evident that life is not going to be the same after we come out of this. The new normals will be totally a different ball game.

Like we always say there are good and bad things to any given situation. Bad thing is that this virus has killed so many people around the world that I have stopped keeping a tab of it now.

The good side is people with extremely busy travel lives could pause for a bit, kids who were always busy could sit down with parents, the grandparents got to be with family, pollution levels dropped and people could nurture their hobbies.

As all non essential travel has been stopped the pollution levels in the world have dropped phenomenally. In fact the scientists have said this has helped in repairing the Ozone layer. Due to less noise pollution we can hear the chirpy birds singing around us and also some wild animals have been spotted on streets. I am sure a lot of oldies might have felt like they are back in time when they were young and life was slow paced. They must be delighted to relive those moments from the good old times. Nature is healing for sure. And who knows this might fix the global warming problem to some extent.

After globalisation the work life of people in India has changed dramatically. They travel for like an hour or so one way minimum to get to work then slog your ass off for 8/9 hours minimum and then the same time to travel back home. In this they make money and provide the family a decent life but without any life for themselves. Due to this lockdown a lot of people could work from home. Meaning they could spend more time with family and get to know what was happening around them. Breakfast Lunch and dinner together with family everyday. Everyone has to participate in all the household activities making it easier to manage and only one person is not burdened with it. I have a feeling that once the lockdown is over it’s going to be difficult to go back to office for many reasons and WFH is a joy in many ways.

When we were young most of our time was spent with grandparents. Listening to stories, playing in the parks, eating home cooked delicious food was how a day would be spent with them. Life has changed so much now a days. Even kids in primary 1 have hectic schedules of various classes to attend, extra curricular activities and what not. They get hardly anytime to see their grandparents. This lockdown was a great opportunity for everyone to enjoy each other’s company. The treasure grandparents can pass on to new generations cannot be put in words. Their experience of life, struggles, simplicity, caring nature and mainly their connect with people. Everything in real no place for virtual things. Family means so much and when you get time with them it’s a blessing.

Developing and nurturing hobbies was like thing of past. But during the lockdown a lot of people got time to showcase their talent. Social media is full of food pics, art work, photography, singing videos and different challenges everyday. With so much time on hand this was one best way to use it. I am sure we all are shocked to see these hidden talents around us. I am sure we all have done something or the other during this time rather than just watching series and movies. And of course a lot of critics also came forward during this time.

Whilst the pandemic has been a nightmare for a lot people who has lost their loved ones to it or for those who got stuck on their travel etc. However, looking at the positive side it has given us all enough time to sit down at one place for sometime and think about life. Think about those things that we always wanted to do but don’t get enough time. Hope you all have done something or the other during this time that will add to your memories of 2020.

The author expresses her opinion on twitter with handle @curlykrazy07