LOL!! AWESOME Dhoni RIPS into journalist after India vs Bangladesh #WT20 Match

Dhoni rips journalist image 1

Yesterday, in a thrilling match, India won over Bangladesh. Throughout the match, lady luck was favoring the Bangladeshis and they were lucky many times when their catches were dropped at crucial times. But in the last three balls of the match, lady luck came back to the most lucky man on the ground, MS Dhoni. In the last three balls, Bangladesh lost 3 wickets and could not score a single run to even tie the game.

After the match was over, everyone in India was excited. But it seems PRESSTITUTES would rather run behind TRP and mock the team than enjoy the game and analyse how it went the way it went.

One such stupid question was asked to Dhoni and his reply made the PRESSTITUTE run with his tail between his legs.

Here’s the video:

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