Look how Arvind Kejriwal is plundering Delhi’s public money .. He now demands ₹3.86 cr of public money to fight a ‘personal legal’ battle.

Ram Jethmalani might be appointed to defend CM Arvind Kejriwal in all defamation cases.Arvind Kejriwal demands public funds to be used for paying him.

Ram Jethmilani had said he will not charge a single penny for Arvind Kejriwal in the defamation case of Arun Jaitley against Arvind Kejriwal.

But looks like Ram Jethmilani has charged around Rs 3.8 cr (Rs 22 lakh per each representation )

There is no case against Delhi govt or AAP. This case is against an individual, Arvind Kejriwal. Why should the public money be used for his shoot and scoot politics.

We have also seen Arvind Kejriwal asking for donations to party. Should his followers pay for his defamation case and personal use is the big question.

Source : TimesNow