After losing, Sreesanth gets LOVE on Twitter & Also some Trolls

Kerala image 1

The results of the assembly elections of 4 states and 1 union territory were declared yesterday. The result showed a complete devastation of Congress as they lost 2 states that they were ruling. In Tamil Nadu, despite allying with DMK, they could not grab power. In Assam, they lost the reign to BJP. For BJP, it was great news. They debuted in Kerala for the first time and won Assam. In Kerala, the party came second on MANY seats.. which is a good sign for the future.

In one of the seats, it was BJP’s star campaigner Sreesanth who came second by getting around 34000 votes, which was 20000 votes more than what BJP got the last time around. However, he lost.

After losing, he came on to twitter and posted a message acknowledging his loss:

It would be expected that he would be trolled hard on twitter. Twitter does not show love to Sreesanth, in general. But, he received a lot of love. Here are the tweets:

These supporting messages show that he has a good future in Kerala politics, at least. However, as this is twitter, there were some trolls too.

Let’s see where he takes his political career from here on. People have given him enough votes to show him that he has support in the constituency. It’s time he starts working for them and wins the next elections.

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