I Lost 30 Kilograms in 3 Years ( 2003-2006) & still maintaining it following the basics which I am guiding you below. My 2 Pictures are Proof enough, before and Now!

Only about 0.5% of obese people are able to actually reduce weight and others give up half way. Have you ever wondered, why? Because they keep short term goals and lose heart when it doesn’t happen. Every New year (1st January) sees thousands of us enrolling to a Gym in the neighborhood and after going there for a couple of weeks, giving up. The economy of these Gyms only works on the impulsive obese people. Friends, losing weight is not a quick fix thing but a long term change in lifestyle. I lost 30 kilograms in 3 years, out of which first 15 kilograms were lost in 1st year. It will take time but if you make certain changes in your lifestyle, the weight will not come back.

Change in lifestyle is a very wide term and in order to go for it, you have to be fully determined, willing to say it loud and have will power to say NO when situation demands it. I come from a Punjabi family where the only way to show love to someone is to Force feed him or Force him for ONE EXTRA PEG of whiskey. So guys, if I could do it, you too can.

Understanding BMR :   Why do some people eat a lot but are thin whereas me and you are obese even when we eat much less. That’s because these lucky people have a higher Basic Metabolic Rate (BMR) than us which helps them digest anything they eat. Since our BMR is less, not everything we eat is digested and the remaining one is stored in our body, as fat. So how can we increase the BMR? By exercising. We have to do an exercise to start the engine of our body, so that it can increase metabolism and digests what we eat. I have been Brisk walking for 1 hour but you can choose to Jog or play Badminton or Tennis. Minimum 50 minutes of exercise in a day is needed. Ladies, working in home isn’t counted as exercise unless you are sweeping and swapping the floor yourself.

Understanding the timing : We must have a disciplined lifestyle and everything should be done at a fix time, specially eating. Having more meals and small meals is one of them. Getting good sleep, early to bed and early to rise is also very important.

Strong Will Power : This is the core of losing weight! You MUST have a very strong Will Power and determination to lose weight and you’ll do it. Samosas, Bread Pakodas, Unlimited Buffets, weddings, in between snacks, indulging in Alcohol on daily basis has to Go away! This doesn’t mean that you will not be able to enjoy these, but I will guide you to enjoy them in moderation and still lose weight.

Understanding general food habits : If you are an obese person, what you normally do is, have milk and corn flakes in the breakfast, light lunch and by the evening you realize that you have enough sacrifice for the day and decide to pamper yourself with a rich dinner and a few drinks. This is wrong! What we need to do is, have a good breakfast, OK lunch and very light dinner. People do the opposite. Every party will begin at 8 and till 10.30 pm they load you with fried or Grilled Snacks, drinking, more snacking, more drinking and finally the dinner is served at 11 pm. This usually has Dal Makhani, Shahi Paneer, Butter chicken, Rice, Dahi Bhalla, Lachha Parantha etc. & definitely followed by deserts like a Death by Chocolate kind of irresistible cake & that Chandni chowk famous Kheer or some other shit like that! You’d realize that this one dinner would have so much calories which your body needs in a whole week. So where will all this go? It will deposit as fat in your already obese Body and again you will constantly struggle to reduce. For last 11 years, since I understood this, I go to the parties or weddings AFTER having my dinner at home (my dinner time is 7 pm). All my friends know that I am very strict about the time of my dinner and now they do not insist on me for eating. If there’s something that I cannot resist, I do take a small bite of it and enjoy the flavors. You need to train your tongue to relish the taste in that small portion. I do take two pegs of whiskey with my friends and they respect me for my achievement of such a good weight loss (I lost 30 kgs in 3 years by following everything that I am sharing with you) Chocolate cake is my favorite. I always take a big bite of it, keep it in my mouth, roll it on my tongue and rush to the toilet to Spit it out in the toilet and flush it! You’ll laugh but it satisfies my taste buds, my all soul and I spat it because my stomach doesn’t need it.

Understanding Water retention : Almost  every obese person has 50% Water retained by his body and only 50% extra fat. Because of the excessive water in our body, our activities are restricted & weight loss becomes very difficult. There are some foods and drinks which increase water retention in your body and should be completely avoided all through. These are Lassi /Buttermilk (Curd can be taken but not with water), Mustard (सरसों), white spirits like Vodka, Beer, Bacardi ( 2 pegs of whiskey, once a week or 2 glass of wine is all you should have), Watermelon, Musk Melon, Sarda, too much salt are some known culprits aiding water retention. Green vegetables, salads (preferably without salt), reduction in salt intake will help us getting rid of  water retained in our body. We will also choose one day of the week to have a SALT FREE day. On this day, we will have 2 slices of brown bread and a glass of milk in Breakfast, Lunch and dinner. This will help us get retained water released from our body and detox.

Diet plan:

Upon getting up: Drink 3 glasses of water in sitting position. Buy a copper jug, keep water in it overnight and keep it at your bed side so that first thing in the morning, sitting in bed, you slowly drink 3 glass water.

Go to toilet and after that get into your track pants and head for jogging or Brisk walk for minimum 40 minutes and slowly increase it to 60 minutes. This will increase your BMR and wil help you break the fat deposited in the body.

8.00 – 8.30 am : Have a stuffed chapati (reddish /cauliflower) or 2 slices of brown bread (plain or make a vegetable sandwich) or with 2 eggs (remove one yolk) or a bowl of Daliya with a glass of milk.

11.00 – 11.30 am : 100 grams fruit (No Mango /chiku /melons /banana)

1.00 – 1.30 pm : 400 grams Salad ( Cucumber /Reddish /tomatoes /beetroot) without salt. 2-3 chapatis with a bowl of vegetables and a bowl of Curd OR Dal. Choose Either Dal or Curd.

4.30-5.00 pm : 100 grams fruit (No Mango /chiku /melons/banana)

7.00 – 7.30 pm : 400 grams Salad ( Cucumber /Reddish /tomatoes /beetroot) without salt. 1-2chapatis with a bowl of vegetables OR 100 grams home made Paneer  OR 2-3  pieces of chicken /fish  and a cup of Vegetables soup

9.30 – 10 pm : 100 grams fruit (No Mango / chiku /melons /banana)

Foods you must avoid always:

  1. SUGAR & Deserts. Friends, our body does not need any sugar as most of the food we consume, gets converted into sugar & the extra sugar we eat is only harming us. Try drinking your tea without sugar and avoid sweet dishes . Your tongue will soon start loving the tea without sugar ( Do not even add a sweetener as it has many side effects). Remember, sweet dishes (Deserts) are only for taste & not for health. So even a half spoon Kheer or a small bite of Gulab Jamun is enough to satiate your taste buds.

  2. Beer, Vodka, Bacardi, Breezers, Cocktails etc. Only drinks you are allowed are Whisky and wine 2 Pegs 60 ml each or 2 Glasses of Wine (150 ml each ) in a week.

  3. Fried items. If you ever have the urge to have a samosa or Fried snack, Please have it as LUNCH. No Vegetables or Curd or Dal in Lunch, just a samosa  with Chapati for lunch.

  4. Maida ( White Flour) : This means all fast foods like Pizza, Pastas, Bhatura, Samosa, Matthi  AND Bakery Products etc are to be completely avoided.

Friends, with these things you should be able to maintain your lifestyle and start reducing weight. For any more information or tips or questions, you can DM me on Twitter  Lone Crusader @seriousfunnyguy or email me on [email protected]

Thank you!