Love Jihad would be accomplished no matter the girl is Raped

He faked his love for her. ‘He’ may be Abbaas, or Amir or Abdul. ‘Her’ might be ultra liberal Aditi or Radhika or Alka. He put his effort from buying roses, paying bills of lunches, dinners and movies to win her. He also told her how attached he is with his grandma to display his emotional side. At last, he convinced her to convert to Islam from Hinduism. This is how “Mission of Love Jihad” was accomplished.

For Mehtab from Ghaziabad near Delhi, the whole process of manipulating, tricking and trapping the girl by paying bills of food and movies, did not work out. Frustration was killing him. He was not able to impress the girl in order to convert her. Stress to meet the target of ‘Love Jihad’ was hammering on his head.

Then, Mehtab turned into inhuman to meet his target. He raped the under graduate student and made video of the act with the help of his accomplice. Next, he threatened the rape survivor to marry him after converting to Islam, otherwise he would post the video online.

Mission of ‘Love Jihad would always be successful, no matter Hindu girl is deceived, raped or even killed, because Hindu families are flying high on opium of secularism.

Source: Hindustan Times