Love Jihad and the audacity of a mainstream journalist to call it a victory

Whatever is happening in Kerala and in Hadiya’s case is not something new for India. It is just that the mainstream media is now picking the topic of Love Jihad more seriously and frequently. If you look into the past, you will realize there had been so many cases even in the families which are looked upon as the families of public figures. From crickets to film stars and from politicians to businessmen, inter-religion marriages are an integral part of the beauty of Indian culture. But Love Jihad is not a part of that beauty.

Interestingly, Love Jihad has nothing to with either love or jihad. Jihad is generally used in two ways. First is the military war against the enemy of the religion and secondly a war within one’s self to find the true destiny and to clean the soul from sins. Putting Love Jihad together has none of these meanings involved. It is a sorry state of a religion which is luring women and sometimes men into a love affair and then forcing them to leave their religion.

The Indian constitution is a beautifully designed set of rules which allow every adult man and woman in India to make choice about their religion and lifestyle. Hadiya, who is an adult has the right to change her religion and marry a Muslim man. But most of the Hindu parents including Hadiya’s fear that this will bring an end to a long-lasting culture which survived for thousands of years.

The main question that arises with the cases of Love Jihad is what is the need for such conversions? Why one religion is so scared of the other that they are trying to convert every single person? Why there is a feeling that is someone does not believe in the “God of their choice” then he or she is a kaafir?

If we look into the Sanatan Dharm, there is a saying, ”Vasudev Kutumbkam” which means that the whole earth is my home and every man and woman living on this earth are my family members. Hinduism does not believe in conversions and teaches to respect every religion. However, the case with the other religions is different and it is creating a lot of havoc for many families who are devotee Hindus.

The issue with the people who support the conversions is that they are now getting space in the mainstream media. Recently, a journalist who goes by the name Suhail Anjum and works of  News18 declared the case of Hadiya a victory for Islam. Generally, such articles which Suhail published on the URDU website of the media house do not find space in the mainstream media. These are generally published on propaganda websites.

With such article published in a mainstream media’s website, the company and the journalist have given a free way to the fanatics in the future. Now each extremist regardless of which religion he or she belongs to will try to get published on a mainstream media’s website. The best part about propaganda websites is that they do not have the mass reach. But in the case of mainstream media, the reach is rooted in the farthest possible regions and this will start a new war of words.

Such hate filled articles should not appear on any mainstream media websites and the owner-media houses of these websites should try not to give a communal face to their existence. We can only hope that the Information and Broadcasting Ministry will look into the matter soon and take necessary actions.