Love Jihad behind Sri Lanka Easter bombings? Mother of suicide bomber makes shocking revelations

With every passing day, new details regarding the Easter Sunday bombings in Sri Lanka are emerging. Now it is being alleged that one of the suicide bombers behind the attacks was perhaps trapped and radicalised using a method which we in India call as the “Love Jihad”

Few days back, the Sri Lankan authorities released names and pictures of several suspected suicide bombers who were behind the blasts. This included both male and female names. One of them was one Pulasthini Mahendran alias Sara.

Now in an investigation carried out by IBC Tamizh, the mother of the suspected suicide bomber Pulasthini Mahendran, Kavitha Mahendran has come out to make several shocking claims about her daughter being honey trapped and radicalised. According to Kavitha, who is a Tamil Hindu of Sri Lanka, her daughter Pulasthini was a very good student who was perusing medical studies.

Kavitha in the investigation video by IBC Tamizh alleges that during her studies Pulasthini got abducted by a man named Abdul Razik. Kavitha says that she made numerous attempts to get her daughter back and made appeals to Razik. However he denied to hand the daughter back saying that she is happy with him and is an adult to make her life decisions.

Some time later, Razik called Kavitha Mahendran to inform her that Pulasthini has embraced Islam and has been married off to one Muslim man. This disheartened Kavitha Mahendran and she decided to leave the country for sometime. Before leaving she had called Razik and said she no longer considers Pulasthini as her daughter, and that he will be held responsible for whatever happens with her.

Almost a month after this, Kavitha says she received a call from her daughter who was heavily crying. Pulasthini told her mother that she is not happy with the person she has been married off to. Pulasthini over the phone said that her husband has extramarital relations. But since this phone call, Kavitha never heard from her daughter again.

Kavitha says that around two weeks before the Easter Sunday blasts, one unknown man came at her place looking for Pulasthini. When she inquired about the identity of the man, he introduced himself as a Sri Lankan intelligence official but said nothing more.

The man named by Kavitha Mahendran, Abdul Razik is reportedly a leader of the radical Islamic organisation, Sri Lankan Thowheed Jamaath (SLTJ). The SLTJ till now has denied any involvement with bombings while its namesake National Thowheed Jamaath has claimed the responsibility. The man Razik is also But with the newly emerged details, it seems difficult to give a clean-chit to SLTJ just yet.