Love Jihad Is A Reality in Tamil Nadu

Social Media, a big discussed term nowadays. It leaves an alarming note to Hindus. Yes, girls are convinced in Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram purely for lust. It is used as a soft weapon for Love Jihad. As we all aware, Kerala is the battleground for Love Jihad. As awareness increases, people are using different means to trap girls, especially Hindu Girls.

The awareness towards Love Jihad booms once again, this time in Textile City Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu. An eighth standard girl of 13 years of age was trapped by Ibrahim (22), changed his name to Siva. The girl was missing since 27th of April 2017 and a case was filed against her missing in police by her parents.

She was taken to Pudhucheri (Pondicherry) and he mortgaged her 1 sovereign chain, to pay for the lodge. Ibrahim made a sexual assault over her but the girl tried to escape when she came to know that he hid the truth about his name. Again She was trapped again by the owners of the lodge. Finally after many demons, she escaped and came to Tiruppur on 29th of April 2017.

Police have arrested the guy and he has been jailed in Juvenile Jail. What is the need to send him to a Juvenile Jail since he is much older than the prescribed age limit? The case against minorities are taken lightly for their intense act. We can take the example of Swathi, Chennai Techie who was brutally killed in Nungambakkam Railway Station.

Same situation against Love Jihad cases that happened in Kerala is now happening in Tamil Nadu. A big thanks to Kerala High Court, which has a strong will over the state government to speed up Love Jihad cases.

Awareness against love Jihad is not enough to safeguard our girls. Need a different approach to make them realize about the impact of this issue. As anyone can do anything about social media, morals play a mighty role in choosing who is true and who is flirting.

This is a lesson to all of us. We can’t simply blame that girl alone, parents should have guided her in the proper way. This guy takes advantage over the fiction that arises in girls in their adolescent age. Many speak that social networking is a big boon but we need to note and act on issues like this otherwise the negativity of social networking will swallow us.

Incident by Incident, love Jihad is proving its nature. We need to equip ourselves, to control the cold war against Hindus. By saying that this is wrong, that is wrong won’t workout anymore. From birth to death nothing is supportive towards Hindus. We need to safeguard ourselves. Previously, this sort of incidents happened at selected places, but this has become a daily news. It is in our hands to take cognizance of the effect.