Low on Content, High on Cash: Mediocre websites trying to make hypocrisy the norm

Dear Shekar Gupta,

During September 2017, we saw a lower middle class kid, Om Prakash Mishra, being heavily targeted for his allegedly sexist song, which got viral, by a cash rich organization who wanted to be relevant in the media circles. The money spent, on bots to like and comment on the posts, wasn’t getting the page much reach on Facebook. They chose to kill this lower middle class guy’s work just so that their website stays relevant and is also known out of the kitty party circles. The guy’s work may or may not be good, but what angered us is that how could a filthy rich person just walk in and label someone for an apparently irrelevant song. Thus Squint Neon was born.

October 2017, we had the first hand experience of the hypocrisy of the Lefts. A free speech warrior threatened us to take down a harmless meme. When someone who has the establishment on her side threatens you, we no doubt got intimidated and unpublished the page.

We could see what happened with Om Prakash Mishra, happen to us as well. We felt helpless to be honest. We are a bunch of socially aware kids who are angered by how the Left establishment is ruining the society and families. We wanted to give it back to the Feminazis who take advantage of men, and make it a level playing field.

We know we have angered them with our strong narratives, that a reporter from ThePrint.in, a well funded Left leaning website, in-boxed us asking our source of funding. That was the moment for all of us. We realized that these guys have started looking at us as a serious threat to their narrative on Social Media. And Mr Gupta, FYI we are not funded by any party. Unlike your journalists, we are passionate about our memes, and we do our bit of research before posting anything.

Feb 9th 2018, was when ThePrint.in ran out of stories and decided to cover meme pages run by teenagers. Almost all of our pages got featured on the article. Our first reaction, the admins of the other pages were angry at not being featured. And Humans of Squint Neon isn’t our page, one of our fans made a parody of Squint Neon.

Since the website invested serious man hours to research about harmless meme pages, we take this accusation seriously. Below are some of the memes we have shared on our page:






Tell me where exactly do you find us to be sexist, casteist, intolerant? Do you want to know what sexist, casteist, and intolerance look like? Here have a look at the following:

Will ThePrint.in act with the same fervor against these Left leaning people? Or will their humor be validated because ThePrint.in shares similar ideology as these individuals. There can’t be a better example for hypocrisy in any textbook.

FYI we are more than just a meme page, we take pride about the fact that the Squint Neon ecosystem on Social media raised more than Rs 600,000 in just three days for a needy patient to be operated.

Woke up to this 😍❤Possibly the best thing to wake up to! We all came together to raise 6L, and did that in just 3…

Posted by Dhonus K Rojo on Saturday, January 20, 2018

Do you remember how Humans Of Hindutva who deactivated his page because he was threatened by the Right wing? How the left leaning website pushed the narrative of fascism and intolerance down our throats? Did they even cross check with the admin for the threat? Did they ask him to send the screenshots of the threats so that the police takes action over the culprits? No. It was just an attention seeking move by the HOH admin as his page’s reach was going down.

We totally understand why the Left hates us. We can see the reach we have on our posts, it’s always more than what the rich, cash loaded website will ever have. We know that our posts resonate with the general public, and we will continue doing the work.

And Mr Guptaji, we always wanted to be India’s best RW parody page. Thanks for officially crowning us the title. The SOT revolution has begun.


Admin of Squint Neon