Madhu the Tribal is a victim our of system…

A few days back a tribal man who goes by the name of Madhu was brutally lynched to death in a part of our country that a certain section of the society would proudly refer as “God’s Own Country”. There are several version of the incident floating around media and social media.

According to some he was lynched by a mob for stealing rice, while other sources are saying that a mob lynched him on the basis of suspicion that he may be responsible for petty thefts in nearby areas. From both the versions at least one thing is clear that his crime, if there was any, was not big enough to cost a person his/her life.

Basically what happened was that a mob of goons had snatched a mentally unstable man, humiliated him, made videos of him and then killed him in a cold blooded manner over unproven allegations. One cannot imagine the horrific nature of this crime.

It is very much possible that Madhu lost his life for the sake of few twisted minded people’s entertainment. Didn’t Madhu deserve to live? Have we ever asked ourselves, who gave those in that mob the authority to kill a fellow citizen of our country?

The simplest answer would be the system. Our system doesn’t look at a citizen as a citizen but it always looks at a person through the prism of politics. And from system I just don’t mean the political class but it includes our Celebrities, our Media, our Judiciary and certainly US.

In this country there are politically relevant and irrelevant people. If you are politically relevant enough in India, then leaving apart common man, even the police and the administration would be afraid to lay their hands on you. Unfortunately if you are politically irrelevant like Madhu then you are “Ram Bharose” (dependent on God) in India.

Madhu wasn’t everything that Md Akhlaq of dadri was. Akhlaq belonged to the second majority community that is regarded as minority for political purposes, he was a voter and left behind a lot of voters of his family, thus he was politically very much relevant. On the other hand Madhu had no family, he had no Aadhaar card and probably was not even a voter hence he can be categorized as a non-existing entity for our system.

If you are a politically relevant person like Yakub memon, an accused terrorist, the doors of country’s highest court would be opened for you, even at the midnight. But if you are a politically irrelevant person like Madhu then only God can save you, because the system certainly won’t. He was just a normal human being whose only crime was that he wanted some damn rice to fill up his empty stomach. Too much to ask for being a politically irrelevant person in this politically polarised system.

Yes the system may not leave any stone un-turned in ensuring justice for those accused of Madhu’s murder because according to reports many of them belonged to politically relevant classes. Indeed the bourgeoisie Madhu had to be killed in the communism infested state of Kerala, because instead of asking for rice, he should have asked for “Bharat Ke Tukde” like a good communist.