Madrasa student hospitalized after severe punishment from teacher

Kolkata: Teacher of a Madrasa in Hoogly district of West Bengal has been alleged of making a student do 350 sit-ups. The student who used to study at 7th standard is currently hospitalized in critical condition.

As per reports the student attended Madrasa after being absent for seven days due to having a operation in his stomach. The teacher who used to teach maths ordered him to do 350 sit-ups as a punishment for being absent over a week. The student told him about the operation he had in stomach. But without listening to anything the teacher threatened that he would punch him in stomach if he don’t do the sit-ups.

The student who was scared by teacher’s threat started doing the sit-ups. But he started feeling sick immediately after completing all 350 sit-ups. He was then hospitalized. And later it was found that surgical stitches in his stomach teared apart due to the pressure of sit-ups. The teacher has accepted giving punishment. Headmaster of the school assured that he will look into the matter.